I 100% believe in what I have to offer, but don’t take my word for it! 

Check out these real stories from real people, that I have worked with on their health and business goals  
Health Testimonies

"Before plexus I had tried all kinds of diets with no results. Being in my mid 30’s, I found that losing weight isn’t as easy as it used to be. When I started Plexus, I found that my hunger was less and I felt more energy. Although the scale hasn’t moved, I have noticed a change in my physical appearance. For someone on the fence about starting, I would say don’t look for a quick fix or a magic pill, just know it takes time and consistency. If I could describe my coach in one word, it would be supportive. Sammi makes sure you don’t feel alone in the journey and checks in on you frequently."  Bari A.

"Before starting these supplements, my days consisted of being tired, dealing with brain fog, and my sinuses stopped up. The first things I noticed were my energy up, and the feeling of it working from the inside out. I started to feel healthier and even more fit from the very beginning. Plexus products have exceeded my expectations by fact that they work and do what they say they are going to. They actually make me feel better than I ever thought they even could. If I could give advice to someone considering starting their Plexus journey it would be 'Just start. Don’t stop.' Plexus is Exceptional! I love the products and the people!" Christina F.

Prior to Plexus, I relied on daily medicine to keep stomach issues tolerable, while still functioning normally in day-to-day life. I lived on coffee and soft drinks to have the energy to push through each day. I also have extremely sensitive skin. I battle face breakouts terribly. Throw in a pandemic working in the medical field and all the PPE to go along with it, my face breaks outs were amplified significantly. Since starting plexus, I was able to discontinue daily stomach medicine. If I do have to take it intermittently, it’s only half the dose! Slim and Active were game changer at curbing the caffeine drinks, giving me a healthy energy option to get through my days. Joyome face wash, serums, and the Plexus body cream all have calmed my skin irritation and breakouts. My face is healthier than it’s ever been! What would I tell someone considering starting their Plexus journey?—Dive in! The benefits of these amazing products are so worth it. You’re worth it! ❤️ Sammi is simply amazing!! She is such an encourager, a motivator, and a genuine caring sole! She will guide you through product selection and is always there for you. Sheri P.

Before I started Plexus I was struggling to balance my gut and my overall health. I have struggled with constipation, stomach cramps, digestion issues, etc. my entire life. I was at a point that it was hindering the quality of my life and daily activities. I had tried so many different diets and health methods, along with consulting multiple doctors and dieticians, nothing had worked. I came to the point of feeling like it was never going to get better, and I was going to have to live like this the rest of my life. Once I started taking the Triplex, I instantly noticed a change within 4 days, and by the time I hit 30, and then 60 days, I knew it was working for me. I finally started to feel like my body was healing, on all levels. That alone was a revelation. I was able to start practicing yoga again, work out, walk for miles, and go throughout the day without the stress of feeling tired, beaten down, and uncomfortable. Since I have started taking Plexus, I have been able to accomplish my goal of completing my certification to become a yoga teacher. I’ve been able to go hiking across the Rocky Mountains and Black Hills with my family as we travel in our RV across the US. I’ve also started to add more products from Plexus into my daily routine and have noticed a huge change in many other aspects of my health along with the desire to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle and share my story with others. For someone starting their Plexus journey I would say to you, life is this amazing gift that we receive, and you deserve to feel good while you enjoy it. Plexus is not a miracle product or a cure all, but it IS something that can help change your life for the better and get you on the track to being the best version of yourself that you can be. Kailey F.

Mentoring Testimonies

Sammi has a special gift for coaching and mentoring. She was able to help me reignite my passion, while visualizing and creating a plan for exactly what I want for my future. While working with Sammi, I was able to coach a teammate to Emerald, which is a six figure income! Sammi always knows the perfect questions to ask to help you examine who you are and what you want in life. She also was able to help me work past my blocks, believe in myself and conquer my goals. She helps me identify & use my strengths, while also getting rid of excuses and not allowing my weaknesses to hold me back. I believe anybody would be lucky to work with Sammi, and can definitely expect to create a life they love! Noelle R.

I can’t thank Sammi enough for what she has done for my life! Before working with her I had so many great ideas, but because I lacked clarity and belief in myself, I wasn’t quick to take action. She helped me to question my beliefs that were limiting my life and holding me back from being the successful man I desired to become! Literally, within months of working with her my business BLEW up! She empowered me to step up as a leader and to take ownership for where I am, to love and accept who I am. Working with her has been an awesome journey and I always look forward to our sessions! I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and I can honestly say you’ll get your monies worth! Her work is life changing, I highly recommend you see for yourself! Daniel W.

Before working with Sammi I held myself back with limiting beliefs that I wasn’t a strong enough leader for my team. She helped me understand that working to strengthen my own emotional intelligence would create deeper conversations, more meaningful relationships and ultimately build more trust and connection among my team who appreciates my new willingness to confidently take issues head on and be the leader they need. Sammi has been a mentor I can rely on to get straightforward, but empathic, advice. She takes everything into consideration and looks at issues from a macro lens so she can give unbiased advice and guidance. I’m extremely thankful to work with Sammi! Jessica H. 

When I met Sammi Creach, I felt an instant connection. Sammi was warm, kind, down to earth, relatable and funny. I felt like I’ve known her all my life. I had been struggling with my mindset. I have a target audience in my business, and  I’ve been afraid of what they would think. I had a coaching call with Sammi and she would ask questions that made me dig deep. She helped me realize that there is someone like me and what I had been through who needs help like I did. Sammi’s coaching has given me the confidence to continue to work my business with authenticity and service. She had given me the confidence within myself. She made me feel comfortable. She was very professional and aware of time. I would and have recommended Sammi to those who are struggling with mindset and their business. Thank you Sammi for all you have done for me and my business. Leslie K.

Sammi is one of the most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever met. She is a critical thinker and a problem solver.  Working with her has truly increased my self-awareness around my own emotional intelligence. She took me through the very important process of being able to recognize and understand how my emotions could impact my decision making, my relationships and even hold me back in business.  She’ll challenge you to become the best version of yourself and leave you with a new level of self-awareness and confidence. Sammi helped me discover a new found confidence in my abilities as a leader, relationships with teammates and a greater self-awareness. 

Her leadership and emotional intelligence coupled with what I felt was a true desire to see me succeed has been instrumental in my growth!  Stefanie S.