Where you are now is not where you're supposed to stop.

There is so much more out there for you, and it's time to go get it. 
We do social selling the way it could be done and should be done, but rarely ever is. 



ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY GIVE YOURSELF THE CHANCE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Hi, my name is Sammi Creach. In this section, I am going to show you why Plexus could be the business that you've been looking for. 

Did you know that roughly 3 in 5 people have thought about starting a business, but 92% of these people never followed through with turning it into a reality?

Here's the problem you face: you are comfortable with the security of a 9-5 job, even though you most definitely aren't paid enough. Your life is created around your work, not the other way around. The lack of creativity in what you do leaves you uninspired and unfulfilled. You trade your time for money, and never feel like you have enough of either. You never took that leap to start your own business, which means you'll turn around and your kids are grown, you never took that dream trip with your spouse you wanted to take, and you're still waiting out the days to retire, hoping you'll have enough to do more with your free time then. Luckily for you, there is now a solution. Let me introduce you to my new mentorship program. 

  • 1:1 Connection calls for support and accountability mean you will not have to do this alone
  • Simple roadmap of the mechanics of business so you have the steps to be successful
  • Personal growth and development resources which means you will continue to learn what makes you YOU
  • Resources and activities for leadership development which means you'll be confident leading a team
  • Monthly workshops on life skills means you will grow in alignment with your core values and create balance 
  • High quality supplements to get you feeling your best so you can have the energy and drive to DO better

As an RN by trade, with my MSN and MBA, I have led co-workers and employees in corporate surroundings. As a network marketing professional, more lives have been impacted in a greater way. Hundreds of people in my organization have been able to leave their corporate jobs. Some wanted to stay home with their families and be present while their children grew, knowing the time was fleeting. Others decided to finally go after their dreams, like taking lessons to play guitar, start a new philanthropy project, or become a coach/mentor themselves. As of spring 2022, there are 22 people that have become six figure earners in my organization, and the number continues to grow. (Visit my Client Wins page for stories of how I've been able to help mentor them to success.)

  • This is a mentorship framework designed specifically to start you on a personal growth track 
  • Weekly and monthly 1:1 Zoom calls for support, encouragement, and training
  • The cost to you is merely the cost of your monthly supplements

EXTRA BONUS: When you decide to join me, I'll send you my all-time favorite mindset book to get you started! 

Not only does Plexus Worldwide guarantee their products unconditionally for 60 days, but my mentorship is at no extra cost to you. You know that when you don't feel good, you aren't as motivated or consistent even for the mundane tasks of daily life. In the first 60 days, you're going to start feeling better, and working closely with me to start your business. If after those 60 days, you feel like this isn't a good fit, you have no obligation to continue. You can get your money back from Plexus, and you have no further obligation to work with me. No questions asked, no hard feelings. 

Click the button at the bottom to fill out my application, or reach out through my Contact Page. When you decide to get started, I will give you a code to save an additional 10% off your first order! 

Send me a message to see if we are a good fit! 

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